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Best of Breed, Secure and Scalable AI solutions

Consultel AI is part of Consultel Group, a global IT company established in 1982 that delivers scalable, secure technology solutions to businesses all over the world. Consultel AI is a new entrant to the burgeoning AI market.

We are not a staid consultancy company adding AI to an existing services mix, just to say “we do AI”. Nor are we an IT integrator who claims to be AI centric, when they only offer components parts of the solution.

Our DNA is based around driving customer outcomes using AI based designs, with business processes and results at the forefront. The AI journey starts with the objective, whether that be to build new capability, fix a current problem, reduce costs or build sustainable competitive advantage.

Together, with our customer, we define the roadmap toward AI, provide expert advisory, undertake detailed planning and design and manage the delivery of the AI solution. This 360 degree approach to AI differentiates us and how we engage.

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Our AI Solutions

AI Vision

Our AI vision technologies take video or photographic image footage and convert these, through deep learning techniques, into key business outputs, displayed in near real time.

Capturing video of products, vehicles, objects, people or animals and then processing this footage against predefined algorithms can offer insights, assist in decision analysis or aid in determining the most cost effective or business optimised outcome.

AI Data

With increased volumes of data many businesses are struggling to analyse their data to determine and identify key trends, set triggers and make concise decisions.

AI Data can improve just in time production, minimise downtime though early detection of issues, quickly identify workflow anomalies and assist with preventive maintenance.


With increased automation of products and the rise of Internet of Things (IOT) to manage and control these products, AI IOT provides an ecosystem to help business manage these devices.

AI IOT can absorb sensory information from devices and determine (using predefined parameters and business logic) key actions such as; start the device, stop the device, send an alert, trigger a workflow activity, provide immediate corrective action or shut down the system.

AI Advisory

Our philosophy is to begin the journey toward adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), with a focused AI strategy”. Developing an AI Strategy is foremost in maximising the value from AI solutions.

Our AI Advisory services can map your “digital journey” toward AI. We will provide the blueprint for your organisation to leverage AI suitable technologies, cloud services and increase business value using innovative AI solutions.


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How can AI can enhance your business and increase productivity?

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Consultel AI Ecosystem

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform how we do things, the way we do things and the speed in which we can do them. Many businesses are looking toward AI as they look to improve efficiency, reduce error, remove human emotion, and increase accuracy.

The journey towards AI is happening now across many industries and is becoming integrated into what we do each and every day.

AI is used in many ways, but the prevailing reality is that any business strategy in 2020 and beyond should include AI. Consultel AI can aid you with the journey toward adopting AI.

We have built an ecosystem to ensure customer value in harnessing AI. This provides a “one stop shop” in journey mapping AI.


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I was able to offload one of the key headaches I had. It was one of the key responsibilities that keeps me up at night. Being able to offload the backups was a big relief.

Consultel Group has saved my business a nice fortune and made my business run much more effectively, thanks to the team for all their help and support, it has gone a long way!