There’s no escaping it. The world is flooded with data. From videos and e-mails to social traffic and analytics – businesses are faced with an unprecedented volume of digital information. And while data is a powerful tool, it just might trip you up without the right tools in place.

Industry analysts call it the “Digital Universe” – an ever-growing volume of electronic information that must be stored, managed, and analyzed. But just how much data are we talking about? For almost a decade, the industry analysts at IDC have been tracking the size and scope of the digital world. The earliest reports estimate the “Digital Universe” would reach 33 zettabytes (that’s 44 trillion gigabytes) by end of this decade. And this level of information is expected to more than double every two years!

It makes sense. Data is the underlying success factor for every growing technology initiative – from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Machine Learning. With these solutions, companies gain the computational power to solve issues that can’t be learned any other way. Even better – it’s prescriptive – following trends and patterns to uncover the most likely business scenarios. For example, machine learning can be used to track a customer’s purchase history and predict the most impactful products in inventory. That’s a critical solution for the evolving e-commerce marketplace.

But machine learning, data and artificial intelligence don’t happen in isolation. It’s the power and flexibility of cloud computing that makes transformation possible. In fact, companies that align with a strong cloud strategy are most likely to benefit from the next-generation data infrastructure. That’s because cloud is a data machine with an ability to support an unprecedented amount of data. The infrastructure is also flexible enough to adapt and grow alongside data – ensuring businesses can be proactive with data usage.

Next up is analysis. After all, what good is data that can’t be used for effective decision-making? Cloud allows data to be received and analyzed in a seamless manner, without pulling information from silo’d and disparate infrastructures. By pinpointing analysis, businesses can make better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

And let’s not forget the efficiencies and cost savings. Cloud ensures computing resources are available “on-demand” and without significant new investments in infrastructure. This includes analytics, storage, or management for both AI and Machine Learning. This just isn’t possible with a rigid, proprietary infrastructure.

At Consultel Cloud, we’re committed to helping meet the demands of the next-generation infrastructure – whether it’s Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence. We provide a simple, secure and cost-effective platform to store and manage data in the cloud – empowering customers to gain better insight into their information. We pride ourselves on cloud solutions for all business requirement – enhance efficiency, productivity and reliability to compete in the next-generation environment.

That’s why we’re well positioned to power the journey to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our solutions ensure your path to cloud and seamless data access is easier than ever before – backed by a track-record of unmatched customer success. Our reliable cloud services provide the high availability, multi-platform support and security necessary for companies to compete in this new digital economy.

Want to learn more? Let us show you how Consultel Cloud can help you unearth the hidden gem in your data. Contact us today to find out how!