Last week Consultel Cloud’s Graeme Finck visited Silicon Valley for the Nvidia AI Conference. We visit conferences like this to stay at the forefront of our industry so we can bring the best solutions to our clients. Here Graeme shares some of his insights and learnings from the event:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very popular term in current Business and IT circles. Artificial Intelligence is the pragmatic application of large amounts of data and logic to achieve a marked improvement in business and social outcomes. The confusing thing about Artificial Intelligence is the many terms that is accredited to it – Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Expert Systems/ Rules based systems etc. All of these terms are commonly bundled under a AI Banner.

I have just attended the Nvidia AI Conference in San Jose California which is showcasing some the best examples of this technology.

“If you are interested in Artificial and Machine Learning , the NVidia GTC conference is the place to be whether you are a developer, a data scientist, or a business person.”

The conference demonstrated the application this technology has in a variety of topics and industry areas;

  • AI / Deep Learning
  • Graphics Simulation
  • Intelligent Machines / IOT
  • High Performance Computing
  • Data Centre and Cloud
  • AI for Business

Some of the industries where I saw some of the most interesting applications were;

  1. Automotive / Transport (self-driving cars and trucks) – extensive examples of self-drive motor vehicles and trucks that will be soon available within the automotive market. LEARN MORE
  2. Health Care /Life Sciences – AI is enabling personalized medicine, improving population health management, and enhancing patient outcomes. Which includes genomics, medical imaging, and drug discovery. LEARN MORE
  3. Telecommunications – a reality, helping to reinvent radio engineering in 5G and various apps by telecom providers, help them build, plan, and optimize their future networks. LEARN MORE 
  4. Media and Entertainment – Media and entertainment professionals rely on advanced technologies such as AI to create complex effects and animations for Emmy-winning TV shows and Academy Award–winning feature films. LEARN MORE 
  5. Finance – AI is rapidly changing the financial services industry by transform vast amounts of financial data into insightful predictions creating significant bottom-line savings.
  6. Industrial Manufacturing – interactive physically based rendering, engineering simulation, virtual reality, 3D graphics virtualization, and deep learning-applications that optimize product and building design workflows.
  7. Retail – AI is impacting the entire scope of retail – from ensuring the best retail experience, to protecting business margins, increasing conversions and revenue.

Artificial intelligence is having an amazing impact on a broad cross section of Industries and applications and Consultel Cloud will soon launch a new AI Cloud – Business Practice to assist our clients to understand, adopt and deliver real business improvement and outcomes. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks – we are really excited.

Consultel Cloud has extensive experience in managing and transforming our client’s data into the new digital paradigm and providing new powerful cost saving solutions. We are looking to extend that offering to provide our clients with greater insight into the value that exists within that data and how they can leverage it.

Consultel Cloud will be offering a complete Artificial Intelligence solution to the market. This includes:

  • Cloud AI Infrastructure – the most powerful AI Cloud infrastructure solution available in Australia – this can access data from on premise and private or public cloud
  • Cloud AI Software – comprehensive suite of data management and development tools
  • Cloud AI Applications –suite of Smart AI Applications for a variety of industries
  • Cloud AI Services – complete suite of services from strategic planning and application identification through to managed services and support

This exciting new offering will allow our Australian clients to develop and managed powerful AI Cloud solutions similar to those demonstrated at Nvidia GTC.

If you’re interested, get in touch today!