About Consultel AI

Consultel AI is part of Consultel Group, a global IT consultancy established in 1982 that delivers scalable, secure technology solutions to businesses all over the world.

Consultel AI is an emerging player in the burgeoning Artificial Intelligence (AI) market and is in the process of bringing automation tools, quality checking, compliance checking, safety controls and facial recognition technologies to businesses across Australia.

This is enabled through a mix of visual, electronic detection, sensory and IOT based AI systems. These systems remove human error, increase productivity, improve production quality and reduce the need for intensive and laborious manual processes.

Our Principles

Our Mission

Consultel AI’s mission is to empower organisations to be leaders in their industries by enabling technology innovation through high performance solutions, trust and expertise.

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Our Difference

Consultel AI Leadership

Benjamin Molloy


David Coombe


Roland Hambleton


Rangana Perera


Gary Cakir


Luc Allouet

Head of AI & Data Analytics

Lou Talevski

General Manager- Sales

Sifat Bhatia

Head of Global Marketing & HR

We provide real value to businesses

I was able to offload one of the key headaches I had. It was one of the key responsibilities that keeps me up at night. Being able to offload the backups was a big relief.

Consultel Group has saved my business a nice fortune and made my business run much more effectively, thanks to the team for all their help and support, it has gone a long way!