What We Offer

Consultel AI provides automation tools, quality checking, compliance checking, safety controls and facial recognition technologies to businesses across Australia. This is enabled through a mix of visual, electronic detection, sensory and IOT based AI systems. These systems remove human error, increase productivity, improve production quality and reduce the need for intensive and laborious manual processes.

AI Vision

Our AI vision technologies take video or photographic image footage and convert these, through deep learning techniques, into key business outputs, displayed in near real time. Capturing video of products, vehicles, objects, people or animals and then processing this footage against predefined algorithms can offer insights, assist in decision analysis or aid in determining the most cost effective or business optimised outcome. Be it in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, supply logistics or construction, AI Vision can give valuable learnings on how the business is functioning.

AI Vision Use Case: A food manufacturer wants to check and count products coming of the production line to determine efficiency of the processing line. Currently the defect rate sits at around 4% and there is no actual count of the number of items coming off the production line, until the product is packed. By implementing Consultel AI vision technology, the manufacturer can:

  • Determine number and speed (units per minute) of the number of items being produced;
  • Check the quality of each product and identify defective products; and
  • Determine the extent of the defect such as incorrect or unusual size, incomplete product, incorrect colour and inconsistent texture.

Using Consultel AI Vision technologies can assist manufacturers in understanding production outputs.


AI Data

With increased volumes of data many businesses are struggling to analyse their data to determine and identify key trends, set triggers and make concise decisions.  Using machine learning together with a Consultel AI solution can provide rapid insights which otherwise may take days or weeks. Using AI Data, mining the data to look for triggers, provide predictive analysis and using pre-set rules aid in decision making and where practical automating workflows, business processes and triggering events. AI Data can improve just in time production, minimise downtime though early detection of issues, quickly identify workflow anomalies and assist with preventive maintenance. Using enhance scenario modelling can reduce time to market providing a competitive advantage.

AI Data Use Case : A retailer wants to know which goods are being substituted at self-service registers. Triggers such as: what products are selling more items than are purchased, what trends exist, does this occur on a particular day or time, is this trend in relation to the price of other similar products, is it location or store dependant and which similar products have lower inventory than sales volume. Knowing this information is key to the retailer understanding consumer trends, what items are being substituted and what actions can be implemented. Combining this data with Consultel AI Vision detection can further define where product substitution is occurring and determine the best intervention action.  

Using Consultel AI Data technologies can assist retailers in understanding retail behaviours and put in place key actions to reduce stock loss.



With increased automation of products and the rise of Internet of Things (IOT) to manage and control these products, AI IOT provides an ecosystem to help business manage these devices. Be it a requirement for “fail-safe” controls, user management of the device, business overrides or simply consolidated reporting, these can be orchestrated using AI IOT. AI IOT can absorb sensory information from devices and determine using predefined parameters and business logic, key actions such as; start the device; stop the device; send an alert; trigger a workflow activity; provide immediate corrective action or shut down the system. Using advanced logic, AI IOT increases business automation, lowers risk of human error, and increases visibility of installed devices across the business landscape.

AI IOT Use Case:

A toll road company has connected IOT to all its road signage. Using AI and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) the company has set advanced rules to send out road alerts based on a combination of weather, road conditions,  traffic volumes, known traffic incidents, time of day and other factors such as surrounding road data. The alert is issued to road signs, preregistered road users (i.e. those with a preloaded application) and road users in the vicinity (via mobile alert). Using IOT information together with advanced AI data analytics, road users are warned of any impending road hazard, making their journey safer.

Using Consultel AI IOT technologies can assist road authorities or tolling consortiums in providing real-time information and safer more efficient travel for road users.


AI Advisory

Our philosophy is to begin the journey toward adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) with a focused “AI Strategy”. Our AI Advisory services can map your “digital journey” toward AI. We will provide the blueprint for your organisation to leverage AI suitable technologies, cloud services and increase business value using innovative AI solutions.

What we do:

Our AI Specialists will work with your leadership, operational, technical and project teams to define how your business processes can be improved and optimised using AI. This involves looking at what data is currently captured and how can this data be used to drive decisions ; how AI can re-engineer business functions to increase throughput and reduce error; and how to leverage cloud platforms to maximise the advantage of AI.  

We will then develop an AI Strategy and Journey plan which will define how your business can harness AI, what solutions should be considered (AI Vision, AI Data or AI IOT) and what technologies can be leveraged.  Our AI specialists can also assist you with the implementation of AI solutions to ensure project success.

AI Solutions

Consultel AI provides a range of automation systems that remove human error, increase productivity and reduce the need for intensive and laborious manual processes. We are currently focused on offering breed solutions to key industry verticals across Australia. 

How can AI enhance your business and increase productivity?

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